home about services contact A digital marketing agency with a focus  on your business Juice Marketing Pty (LTD).  Cape Town, South Africa | All rights reserved.  Copyright 2011 | Terms Of Service Today, customers demand quality and quick access to information about products and services . We provide you with solutions to enable these expectations while building your brand, connecting sales channels, and increasing customer satisfaction. Check out our services on this page, or better yet, give us a call. Digital & Online Strategy Development While not everyone has access to a computer, 100% of South Africans have access to a mobile phone, with consumers demanding instant access to products and services. From mobile site development to SMS and     E-mail campaigns, QR codes and more, we help you reach your target audience more effectively. Mobile Marketing We want our information now. So we Google. What happens if your website isn’t first? Or on the first page? Someone else gets the business you should be getting. Juice can fix that with amazing solutions to maximise your search engine results and make your pages sticky, so when customers find you they want to stay. Search Engine Optimization QR Codes allow you to harness the power of mobile phone users and engage with your consumer with trackable and measurable results. With the increasing need for space on printed branding, QR codes   expand your information platform by allowing you include all the content you desire within a barcode. Digital Tagging: 2D Barcodes Quality over quantity: Get the clicks to your website that really count. We create brilliant campaigns that get you seen on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms, driving qualified, targeted traffic to your website. Drive traffic to your site within 24 hours and watch your business soar. Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management It would be impossible to deny that social media is huge!  Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms have highly detailed databases allowing you  to direct your message to exact target markets.  Juice will put together campaigns to increase your exposure and get people talking. Social Media Campaigns Reach your target audience more effectively, increase traffic to your website and generate sales. | | |